Early-Out Collection

Our experienced staff will work with you to distinguish problem accounts earlier and recommend solutions than can be initiated when your customer becomes overdue but before they become seriously past-due. The Early-Out process is designed to what your needs are and to reduce your internal costs which will allow you to re-prioritize your personnel's time and resources

Benefits of Early-Out Collection:

  • Professionally printed collection letters are customized to your needs.
  • Letters are designed to encourage a positive response from your customer while maintaining a positive relationship.
  • Professionally monitored telephone contacts are customized to your needs.
  • No up-front fees.
  • Fees are based on what your needs are.
  • All calls, payments, and correspondence can be directed to you.
  • Automatically forward accounts to our full service collection program at any time
  • Convenience – simply provide us the account information.

For more information on how Midwest Receivable Solutions can provide an extensive receivables management solution for your overdue customer accounts click here or call 1-888-364-0272.

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