Were you a client of agencies such as American Credit Association or Integrity Professional Solutions? We are here to help. Midwest Receivable Solutions is currently accepting clients who have been left out in the cold due to the closing of an agency. We see this as an opportunity to demonstrate our solutions to collection recoveries, while maintaining a positive experience for your customers.

We have been able to assist several companies in the last year that had been left stranded by an agency that closed its doors without notice. We have been able to make this a smooth transition for them and their customers and look forward to an opportunity to do the same for you. One client was quoted saying, "I am so glad we found you in this time of need. Not only did you help us through this crisis, but the recovery we are currently receiving is even greater than the previous agency."

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About Second Placement Accounts

Accounts that have been placed with a collection agency for an amount of time and due to the non-collection of the debt it is returned to the original creditor. The original creditor will then place the account with another collection agency.

Midwest Receivable Solutions will accept accounts that have been returned to you by a previous agency.

It is understandable that for an agency to be successful in collecting second placement accounts, they must develop a totally different approach to these accounts. We believe providing recovery on these accounts is our opportunity to demonstrate our successful debt collection process that provides recoveries on these accounts.

If your current agency is not performing, contact Midwest Receivable Solutions for a different, perfected approach.

Skip Tracing
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We have developed and utilize a comprehensive database of Michigan residences. We also have real-time connectivity to a multiple of locator providers and all accounts are matched against these files at 90 to 120 day intervals. This process is followed on all accounts that have skipped until such time as the statue of limitations is reached.

Efficient Tracking
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MRS has developed a highly efficient method of tracking all accounts located to assure consistent and persistent collection follow-up. Our industry based solution utilizes both mail and telephone contacts with an emphasis on accepting any reasonable partial payments on the debts. The philosophy in accepting a partial payment is to verify the amount, get a commitment, and gather additional information on the debtor and to extend the statue of limitations on the old debt.

Systematic Follow-Up
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For the debtors located but are still not able to meet their obligations due to their current financial situation, our system will administer a new date for follow-up. Our experience shows in many cases, after a period of time, the debtor’s financial situation has improved, making payment possible. This type of collection follow-up can only be accomplished by an agency with a large system capacity and the tenacity as that of Midwest Receivable Solutions.