Collection Processes

Midwest Receivable Solutions accelerates our clients' recoveries by utilizing state-of-the-art technology interfaced with our instinctive automated debt recovery system and enhanced data exchange system.

Our Developed Automated Receivable Recovery System Empowers us to:

  • Efficiently track all accounts for thorough and consistent follow-up
  • Track and document the history on every account
  • Methodically measure account inventory and account flow
  • Track and record high-priority results such as payment commitment and broken promises
  • Execute customized work strategies immediately
  • Guarantee compliance with client specific collection programs and standards
  • Letters generated at specified intervals to guarantee consistent and persistent recovery
  • Predictive Dialing Incorporated to enhance collector productivity while cutting costs and increasing recoveries for our clients
  • Companion multiple debtor account records
  • Account Credit Scoring to determine debtor’s current ability to pay
  • Maintain financial profiles including location, telephone and asset information
  • Organize payment options and automatically generate letters to ensure payment agreement compliance
  • Retrieve instantaneous credit bureau reports and associate report with debtor for asset location
  • Perform automated skip tracing functions on every account
  • Credit Report to Experian, TransUnion and Equifax 90 days from the date received all unpaid balances over $50.00

Cutting Edge Technology

Our cutting edge technology has allowed MRS to develop a highly efficient method of tracking all accounts to assure consistent and persistent collection follow-up. We have developed and are using an in-house database exchange of residences and businesses in the Midwest, in addition to, NCOA, Experian, and other interactive skip-tracing database locators. By utilizing all the resources available and integrating them with our technology, we can retrieve the freshest, and most reliable information available. This enables us to locate more of your customers and collect more money for you.

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